What is Conversations on Race and Equity (CORE)?

An opportunity for English classrooms to discuss complex issues such as equity and racism.

CORE is a growing series of race-and-equity-related video lessons created by Intercambio and Common Good Collective. These videos are meant to be implemented in English classrooms to create engaging discussions between English learners and teachers. Please visit intercambio.org/core to learn more.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    For Teachers: Lesson Planning

    • What is Conversations on Race and Equity (CORE)?

    • How to Implement CORE Video Lessons

    • Part 1: Summary

    • Part 2: Vocabulary

    • Slide 3: Pre-Video Questions

    • Part 4: Video and Discussion

    • Part 5: Continue the Discussion

    • Part 6: Feedback Surveys

  • 2

    For the Classroom: CORE #1: Race and Racism

    • Please Download: CORE #1 Student Handout

    • CORE #1: Summary

    • CORE #1: Vocabulary

    • CORE #1: Questions Warmup

    • CORE #1: Video

    • CORE #1: Continue the Discussion

    • CORE Conversation 1: Feedback Surveys

Thank you for your support and interest for Conversations on Race and Equity (CORE)

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